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Reach new heights with the MAVIC AIR GO CASE by GoScope. After all, the DJI MAVIC AIR works hard to gain new, exhilarating perspectives – give it the protection it deserves. This case encompasses everything that is included in the MAVIC AIR FLY MORE COMBO from DJI.

-ULTIMATE PROTECTION – This polycarbonate & ballistic nylon case for the DJI MAVIC AIR is an indestructible compact hard case, providing a form-fitting design that allows you to store your drone and components safely.

-TRAVEL & ADVENTURE – Prevent scratches, dirt, dust, and even moisture while traveling. Double stitched belt loops and polycarbonate handle allow easy carrying on any adventure. The carrying handle collapses flat against the case to allow for easy storage inside a backpack.

-STORE IT ALL TOGETHER – No longer do you have to storage your MAVIC AIR in a flimsy case while the remote control and spare batteries float around in your backpack. Now you can store it all together in a case made to withstand all the elements. Throw this case into any bag or backpack and know your drone is protected.

-SLIM DESIGN – The ballistic nylon case is form fitted directly to the MAVIC AIR, CONTROLLER, and 3 BATTERIES. This allows it to take up minimal space in your pack, making this perfect for on-to-go storage case!

-DRONEGEAR – At GoScope we want to offer our customers the best in camera equipment. This is why we’ve teamed up with DRONEGEAR. They are the leading drone pilot team bringing you the latest in drone news and gear reviews. With this collaboration we’ve created the most comprehensive case for the DJI MAVIC AIR!

**MAVIC AIR® not included**

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