Customer Feedback

"I was surprised to how fast the pole shipped I think It came the next day. I immediately opened the pole package because I was leaving that afternoon to a JetSki and Climbing trip and knew that would be the ultimate test. First of all the slim packaging was ideal and easy to open. The first thing I instantly noticed was the grip. Compared to my old pole this grip is amazing. Its build from a great material that is very easy to hold and is also water proof so if I'm going under water it won't slip from my hand. The extension is very simple and easy to use. A quick twist and you're a level higher. Overall I think this product is great it is definitely an upgrade from my last which really made the improvements stand out."

− Steven

"Just spent 2 weeks with it Scuba diving 2 and 3 times a day in the Ocean it shows no sign of corrosion or wear. My videos greatly improved with this pole and able to get much closer to some of the less friendly creatures . The dual mount was great for GoPro and light!"

− Louis

"I've used this for numerous activities and I must say this product is extremely sturdy. I know a lot of people are concerned that if they go on a jump that the camera pole might slide upside down due to the impact. But, rest assure this pole will not slide anywhere once you tighten the circular lock up."

− Shopaholic

"As a snowboarder we have tried all the mounts and attachments to get some great footage. This by far gets us the best view of what is going on. I love that you can telescope it out for a great view and then retract it for easy carrying on the lifts. Very durable and easy to use."

− Erin